Friday, November 19, 2010

Cabaret of Clubs, November 21

The Modjeska Club presents a Cabaret Show, “To Save from Oblivion: The Cabaret of Jeremi Przybora and Jerzy Wasowski” illustrated with songs from the Old Gents’ Cabaret (Kabaret Starszych Panów). The program, directed by Jolanta Siemieniewska will be performed by members of Club PIE, Poles in Inland Empire. The event will take place at the elegant private club, Long Beach Petroleum Club (3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807-4068, tel. 562-427-7966) at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, 21 November 2010.

The program is based on ”Leksykon-Ostatni Naiwni Kabaretu Starszych Panów” (Roman Dziewoński, Monika i Grzegorz Wasowscy) and on internet sources. Playbook and Direction: Jolanta Siemieniewska; Consultation, Sound and Lighting: Gwido Zlatkes; Management: Witold Frączek; MCs: Zofia Czechowicz and Witold Frączek: Performers: members of Club PIE. This is our friendly partner club in Riverside presenting many cultural and scientific meetings and events for local Polonia. Details:

This event is free for Modjeska Club members and the package includes a light supper with hors-d’oeuvres and beverages such as tea and coffee (for those interested, a full-service cash bar will be available throughout the evening). We will be collecting a fee of $20 per person from our guests. The parking is free.

The following songs by Przybora and Wasowski will be presented:

  • Kuplety Starszych Panów - Wojtek Gawecki & Teodor Przymusiński
  • Wezwanie - Wojtek Gawecki
  • Przeklnę Cię - Jolanta Siemieniewska & Teodor Przymusiński
  • W czasie deszczu dzieci się nudzą - Katarzyna Gawecka
  • Zosia i ułani - Jolanta Siemieniewska & Bartek Pankowski
  • Zobowiązanie - Wojtek Gawecki & Teodor Przymusiński & Agnieszka Cooper
  • Jak pan się trzyma - Jolanta Siemieniewska & Teodor Przymusiński
  • O koniu (skecz) - Basia Gałaj & Bartek Pankowski
  • Rodzina - Katarzyna & Wojtek Gawecki
  • Kaziu, zakochaj się - Irena Tomaszewska & Teodor Przymusiński
  • Odrobina mężczyzny na co dzień - Katarzyna Gawecka & Irena Tomaszewska
  • Na całej połaci śnieg - Basia Gałaj
  • Addio, pomidory (nagranie)
  • Dziecię tkaczy - Bartek Pankowski
  • Pejzaż bez ciebie (nagranie)
  • Piosenka jest dobra na wszystko - zespól

    The spectacle is a labor of love by the following team of dedicated artists:
    Jolanta Siemieniewska (playbook & direction), Gwido Zlatkes (consultation, lighting, sound), Ann Frenkel (piano and vocals), Dasia Bytnerowicz, Anna Gawecka, Jola Siemieniewska (graphic design and stage decor), Wojtek Gawecki (multimedia), and Witold Frączek (management).



    A reminder that during the holiday season our plans include the following events:

  • 11 December – Arek Niezgoda and Karolina Naziemiec present music for guitar and viola, followed by a Holiday Party with Polish carols sing-along; private residence in Orange County

  • 31 December – New Year’s Eve Party (please RSVP and send your checks by 30 November, there are only 18 seats left!);

  • 22 January – In Tibet with Marysia and Edward Piłatowicz.

  • Other events in 2011 are planned for: 19 February, 19 March, 16 April, 21 May, and 25 June. We will try to keep these dates, while filling in the program details.

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