Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter, Passover and Spring Wishes 2020

Dear Friends,

It seems that we will celebrate Easter at home, separately, and even our May meeting will be canceled, because in these exceptional times there is a ban on flights from Shengen Zone, i.e. the EU - and therefore from Poland. I wish that you all, members and guests of the Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club, have a wonderful Easter, full of peace, love and joy. Regardless of the current mess in the world, we really have something to enjoy!

If someone does not celebrate Easter, only Passover (which started on April 8), then the blessings, peace and joy are the same, only the prayers and holiday dishes are a bit different ... And if someone is from Persia, I wish you good times of Norooz too, celebrated recently on a spring equinox in March. And for atheists, I wish you a happy spring and lots of sun and joy throughout the year.

All in all, our emigrant life is summarized in the simple facts that we wish everything the best,  work hard, take care of our families, care for our friends, and we build a better world together - day by day, sometimes on a thorny road, fighting the storm, and sometimes in beautiful tranquility...Let the calm weather come back as soon as possible so our meetings could again enrich the cultural mosaic in California with beautiful experiences of Polish traditions and culture.

For your enjoyment, some photos are attached, including  various cards I found, my Easter 2016 poets' party, and a poem from that year: Today, you are perfect. ...

Best wishes,

Dr. Maja Trochimczyk, President
Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club