Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carmageddon? No! "Pola Negri" - Polish Theatre from Toronto at Magicopolis, 9/30/12

                              POLA NEGRI STORIES - MAGICOPOLIS, 9/30/2012

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club in Los Angeles, I'm delighted to invite Club Members and Guests to a fascinating spectacle about a silent film star, Pola Negri.  The play, written by the eminent playwright and director, Kazimierz Braun, follows Pola Negri's career and presents its highlights, with film excerpts.  This rare treat will be in Polish; with Agata Pilitowska as Pola Negri and Maria Nowotarska.  The silent-film era costumes will delight the audience, as will the sultry and passionate portrayal of the famous actress.

This spectacle is a touring production by Teatr Polski w Toronto (Polish Theater of Toronto) and willl be presented in Polish on Sunday, Septe3mber 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm (the second day of the Carmaggedon, i.e., the closure of the 405 freeway). MAGICOPOLIS, 1418 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401. We hope you will be able to arrive on time; the door will open at 4:30 p.m.  RVSP to September 15, 2012 to Elzbieta Kanski; after that tickets will be available to the general public ($35 guests, $20 club members).



In the fall 2012 season the following events are planned:

  • 30 September - Teatr Polski from Toronto "Pola Negri" - Magicopolis, Santa Monica (the same day as the closure of the 405 freeway)
  • 13 October - Barbara Krafftowna receives the Modjeska Prize, she confirmed her attendance, the event is for club members only and VIP guests  
  • 14 October - Paderewski Lecture, Polish Music Center (our Club donates annually $500), free
  • 24 November - tour of the Modjeska House and Estate, Arden, OC and a picnic in the park; the tour at 10 am  (first group of 45), and at 1 pm. (second group if neded)
  • 2 December - Teatr Polski from Poland, Anna Seniuk with P. Malecka (viola) "Wieczor w Teatrze Wielkim"- $20 members, $35 guests
  • 15 December - Holiday Party and Caroling in the home of Mrs. and Mr Chmielewski in Pasadena, free to members only
  • 31 December - New Year's Eve Party, Long Beach Petroleum Club, DJ - Richard (as during our last New Year's Eve and the Anniversary Ball), $120 per person
Hope to see you all during our enjoyable new season!

Newly Elected Board of Directors of the Modjeska Club for 2012-2014

Maja Trochimczyk, President
Elzbieta Kanski, Vice President
Danuta Zuchowski, Treasurer
Leela Chmielewski, Secretary
Krystyna Bartkowski
Andrew Dowen
Krystyna Okuniewski
Wanda Presburger
Bogdan Plewnia
Jolanta Wilk

During the meeting new bylaws were approved and Barbara Krafftowna was voted as the next recipient of the Modjeska Prize.

Pictures from the General Electoral Meeting are at: Modjeska Club Elections 2012 Picasa Web Album. Links to other albums are on the right margin.

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