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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas and Past President's Plans for 2013

As requested by Board Member Andy Dowen, I inform that the Modjeska Club events on December 15 (Christmas Party) and January 12 (Exhibition Tour of Art by Ewa Matysek-Mazur and Lecture by Prof. Andrzej Mazur of the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw) will proceed as planned. Board members Krystyna Bartkowska and Wanda Presburger are coordinating the Christmas Party, and Andy Dowen is responsible for the event on January 12.

 As the President, I have nominated numerous past President and Board Members of the Club to be recognized by the Polish government for their role of promoting Polish culture in America, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Club. The list includes, in addition to names I nominated, all the past presidents of the club who had previously received similar awards: Andrzej Maleski, Danuta Żuchowska, Dorota Olszewska, Edward Piłatowicz, Elżbieta Kańska, Jan Gąssowski, Jolanta Zych, Krystyna Kuszta, Krystyna Okuniewski, Maja Trochimczyk, Sophie Tchaikovsky, Stefan Wenta, Tadeusz Bociański, Tadeusz Podkański, Vitold Tchaikovsky, Franciszka Tuszyńska, Wanda Baran, and Stefanie Powers. The award ceremony is tentatively scheduled for February 9, 2013 (to be confirmed).

Photos from the recently completed events may be seen in the following albums on Picasa Web Albums:

In addition, I organized and the Board has approved the following schedule of events for 2013 to be implemented under the leadership of interim President, Elzbieta Kanska, by the Board of Directors including Danuta Zuchowski, Treasurer, Andrew Dowen, interim Secretary, and members Krystyna Bartkowski, Leela Chmielewski, Krystyna Okuniewski, Wanda Presburger, Bogdan Plewnia, and Jolanta Wilk.

FEBRUARY 23, 2013 - Balbina BRUSZEWSKA at Galeria Hellada (date subject to change, not confirmed)

A graduate of the Polish National Film School, director, writer, currently working as the artistic director of the Se-Ma-For Studio in Poland and one of the Experts at the Polish Film Institute. Her film THE CITY SAILS ON won 11 awards during only 1 year since the premiere. She’s been nominated to the Yach awards for the best Polish music videos 4 times, her graduation film scored the Grand Prix at the two biggest Film School festivals in Poland (Lodzia Po Wisle Festival in Warsaw and the Polish National Film School festival in Turek). Currently she is working on her first feature film in the cooperation with Se-Ma-For Film Production (Poland) and Archangel Film Group (Switzerland) and occasionally giving lectures on animation and the language of film editing in various schools all over the world.

MARCH 9, 2013 - Dominika SWIATEK and TEATR HYBRYDY - Poetry of Zbigniew HERBERT

 Recital of Dominika Swiatek, member of the famous Hybrydy, Student Theater of the University of Warsaw, that celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. Coordinated with Maciej Dzieciolowski, Theater's Director. The four touring artists requested lodging and help in sight-seeing in lieu of honorarium, but there are no volunteers to host them. More information about the program:

MAY 4, 2013 - Agnieszka ROMASZEWSKA-GUZY, Editor-in-Chief, Belsat TV, Poland (not confirmed)

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy was born in 1962 in Warsaw. Throughout her studies at the Warsaw University History Department she helped building the Independent Students’ Association (NZS) and was member of its national board. After the communist government brought in martial law on 13 December 1981, she spent five months in prison. Between 1987 and 1990, she was a PhD student at Yale University. In 1990, after the fall of communism in Poland, she suspended her academic career in the USA. In 1991, she began working at the daily newspaper, Zycie Warszawy. In April 1992, she started her career at Polish Public Television (TVP). There she worked as the head of the reporter pool and deputy chief of the news program Wiadomosci, national reporter, Evening News and Primetime News editor. Since 1999, as TVP special envoy and foreign desk editor, she reported on events in Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, and Afghanistan.

In 2004 to 2005, she worked as an international reporter, specialising in broadcasts from Belarus and Ukraine. In November 2005, the TVP Board of Directors appointed her permanent correspondent in Minsk, but the Belarusian authorities cancelled her visa the following month. Since early 2007- until March 2009, served as the director of TVP Polonia- international channel for Polish minority abroad. She initiated and developed the idea behind the creation of Belsat TV – the first independent television channel in Belarus – which began broadcasting in December 2007 and that she now runs. Between 1998 and 2004, she was a member of the Main Board of the Polish Journalists Association and since 2011 she is vice president of it.

MAY, 20013 - About Leonidas DUDAREW OSSETYNSKI, Modjeska Club Founder - Marcin FRYBES in Conversation with Andrzej SIKORA, President of the Literary Institute of Paris (the publisher of "Kultura"), exact date TBA

JUNE, 2013 - Andrzej STASIUK, writer (exact date TBA)

Andrzej Stasiuk (born 25 September 1960 in Warsaw, Poland) is one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed contemporary Polish writers, journalists and literary critics. He is best known for his travel literature and essays that describe the reality of Eastern Europe and its relationship with the West. After being dismissed from secondary school, Stasiuk drifted aimlessly, became active in the Polish pacifist movement and spent one and a half years in prison for deserting the army - as legend has it, in a tank. His experiences in prison provided him with the material for the stories in his literary debut in 1992. Entitled Mury Hebronu ("The Walls of Hebron"), it instantly established him as a premier literary talent. After a collection of "Love and non-love poems" (Wiersze miłosne i nie, 1994), Stasiuk's bestselling first full-length novel Biały kruk (English translation as White Raven in 2000) appeared in 1995 and consolidated his position among the most successful authors in post-communist Poland.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 - The Mystery of Hanka Ordonka by Kazimierz Braun, performed by TEATR POLSKI, Toronto, starring Agata PILITOWSKA

This play presents the life and career Hanka Ordonowna, the extraordinary woman and famous singer, actress, dancer, and lyricist who lived between 1902 and 1950. Her career flourished between the world wars, when she became the darling of the Polish cultural milieu. Today she is recognized as one of the greatest Polish singers of the 20th century. Polish with English subtitles.

 Agata PILITOWSKA graduated from the Cracow University Theatre School in Cracow, Poland and came to Canada in 1986. Agata Pilitowska lives in Toronto. She played many English speaking roles in local theatres. From 1992 she is associated with the Salon of Poetry, Music, and Theatre where she played in more than 100 productions, most notably in the series of dramas, written and directed especially for her and for Maria Nowotarska by Kazimierz Braun. These plays were performed not only in Toronto, but also in many cities throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, as well as in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her evening of poetry, Szymborska Nobel 96, was performed in Polish and English, among other places at the Concordia University in Montreal, Washington University in Washington D.C., and as part of the International Writers’ Festival in Ottawa. Since 1999 she has been a presenter and journalist for OMNI TV, where she hosts a weekly programme Z Ukosa (Sideglance). For OMNI TV she dubbed thirty three hours of TV programme "Canada, the Peoples' History" and twenty programmes Ecce Homo. She was also narrator and host of Polish language version of the series Science Show. Agata Pilitowska was awarded the title "Distinguished Advocate of Polish Culture" (2004), the medal "Gloria Artis" (2006), and the "Golden Owls" statuette (2011) for her achievements in acting and theatre in Vienna, Austria.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The President Resigns - Interim President is Elzbieta Kanska

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, Maja Trochimczyk resigned from her position of President of the Modjeska Club.

These duties will be from now on in the hands of Elzbieta Kanska, Vice-President and the interim President of the Club.

The following events have been planned and will or will not be implemented at the discretion of the new administration of the Club:

  • December 15, 2012 - Christmas Party with Wojtek Szeremeta and his group of Christmas Carolers (club members only)
  • January 12, 2013 - Exhibition and Lecture by Andrzej Mazur at the Eva Matysek-Mazur and Andrzej Mazur Exhibition at the Rolling Hills Estates
  • February 9, 2013 - Awards Ceremony for Modjeska Club's Past Presidents and Board Members at the Polish Consulate's Residence (club members only)
  • February 23, 2013 - Meeting with Balbina Bruszewska about New Generation in Polish Film (at Hellada Gallery)
  • March 9, 2013 - Student Cabaret Hybrydy of the University of Warsaw performing a poetry and song recital
  • May, 2013 - Meeting with Marcin Frybes and Andrzej Sikora, President of Literary Institute of Paris, about Leonidas Dudarew Ossetynski, Club Founder (and a posthumous award from the Polish government for him)